Why Use CASC?

What is the most sought after and often elusive quality in a school student? Motivation. Motivation to learn and motivation to behave in socially acceptable ways are two of the areas we look to most often.

If we take motivation down to its lowest common denominator we get the word “value”. Value is what motivates any of us to do anything. Dependant upon how much we value something or how little we value it, is what will determine what our behaviors toward it will be. Therefore when we are looking to create intrinsic motivation in students the first question that we need to ask is, “How much do they value what we’re asking them to behave towards?” Only by answering this question can we make a determination as to how much intrinsically motivated energy they will put toward it. Only by showing them or teaching them how to find the value of people and things can we take a step toward students demonstrating intrinsically motivated and productive behaviors.

CASC is a revolutionary system that effectively teaches students the value of the components that make up the school community. These components include teachers, peers, classrooms, equipment and supplies, administrators, peripheral staff members and the value of learning itself. As importantly, it teaches them how to ferret out and recognize the value of these components so that the benefits of CASC will reach beyond the school walls and into the society at large.

Once students are able to recognize the value of the elements that make up the school community, their positive and intrinsically motivated behaviors will naturally follow. Their behavior towards others will improve and their motivation to learn will increase dramatically.

With the implementation of the CASC system teachers and students will be motivated to work in an environment of cooperation, respect and shared responsibility. CASC will invigorate both students and teachers causing them to recognize the “value” of the educational experience as we work to create the next generation of thinkers.


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